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Bay Summit Church
Fundraising Page
Welcome to Bay Summit Church's water well fundraiser!

As part of the outreach mission of our church, we are aiming to raise money to fund the drilling of a water well to provide safe drinking water for a village that has no source of clean water.

Water is by far the most important resource for existence. We have seen the suffering and pain caused by a lack of water, or drinking filthy water. God has placed on our hearts the desire to make a difference in the lives of those without. On a physical level, no water means no life.

We started this with a music event which was held on the evening of Sat April 21st, which raised $10,000! This amount will shortly appear here. We are now trying to get to the rest of our target of $15000!

A big thanks in advance for those interested in helping and donating to this cause.
It is estimated that nearly 1 billion people lack access to clean, safe, drinking water. The mission of causelife is to provide clean water to those in need in developing countries. We believe that clean water changes everything. That’s where you come in. The causelife movement is made up of supporters, just like you, who partner with us to raise awareness and funds for water projects all over the globe. This fundraising page is just one of the many platforms we offer for others to join us helping to eliminate the World Water Crisis. *Giving is not available on mobile devices at this time
PO Box 591 Forest. VA 24551